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Penetration Testing

Cutting-edge security assessments by the foremost experts in vulnerability research.

  • Perimeter & Internal Network
  • Social Engineering
  • Security Audit
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Blackbox or code review for web applications, mobile apps, and IoT.

  • Web Penetration Testing
  • Mobile App Assessments
  • Secure Code Review
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Social Engineering

Testing the technical and policy defenses around your employees

  • Targeted Spearphishing
  • Pretext Calling Engagements
  • On-Site Social Engineering
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Our Clients

We're endorsed by industry leaders.

Brian Krebs

Krebs on Security

"Rhino Security Labs has a recent history of revealing how trust relationships between and among online services can be abused to expose or divert potentially sensitive information."

Mark Cuban

Shark Tank

"I like working with [Rhino Security Labs]. They look to help rather than exploit. We have learned from them and I think their experience will be valuable to other app publishers and networks as well."

News and Resources

Forbes - Hackers Unmask Anonymous Posters On Secret

“Is Lucy the cutest dog?” 

These are recent posts on the mobile confessional app Secret, posts which typically veer toward the salacious and should all have one thing in common: they’re anonymous and untraceable.

Yet in the above three cases they weren’t.

WIRED - Anonymous’ Most Notorious Hacker Is Back, and He’s Gone Legit

For the past year, Hector “Sabu” Monsegur has quietly been working as the lead penetration tester for the Seattle security firm Rhino Security Labs.

Companies are eager to work with former LulzSec leader turned security researcher to find vulnerabilities in their networks and help to patch them.

Krebs - Security Firm Exposes Linkedin Vulnerabilities

…According to researchers at the Seattle, Wash.-based firm Rhino Security Labs, at the crux of the issue is LinkedIn’s penchant for making sure you’re as connected as you possibly can be.

When you sign up for a new account, for example, the service asks if you’d like to check your contacts lists at other online services (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.)…

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