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Deep-Dive Penetration Testing Services

Creative penetration testing approaches that go beyond standard scanning to uncover security vulnerabilities that others miss. For when you need deep-dive pentesting - we deliver the service to ensure you get the best testing possible.

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Advanced Security Assessments

Recognized as a top penetration testing company, Rhino Security Labs offers comprehensive security assessments to fit clients' unique high-security needs. With a pentest team of subject-matter experts, we have the experience to reveal vulnerabilities in a range of technologies — from AWS to IoT. Test your networks and applications for new security risks.

Application and Network

Penetration testing on web and mobile apps as well as internal and external networks.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Cutting-edge cloud penetration testing by the experts in cloud vulnerability research.

Advanced Attack Simulation

Sophisticated attacks for testing hardened security environments.

Trusted Partner in Penetration Testing

The trusted pentest company of the Fortune 1000, we offer the tactical insights to protect some of the world's most sensitive assets.
With clients in every major verticle, we understand the unique challenges you face as a business and how to tailor around your needs.

But we're much more than just a top pentest firm — we're a trusted partner to enterprises and startups alike.
With expertise in a range of security technologies, we can support a range of proactive measures as well.

Endorsed by Industry Leaders

Praised by some of the foremost experts in cybersecurity, we're proud of our growing reputation.
Here's just a few reviews from our many security research projects:

Brian Krebs

Krebs on Security

"Rhino Security Labs has a history of revealing how trust relationships can be abused to expose sensitive information."

Mark Cuban

Shark Tank

"I like working with [Rhino Security Labs]. We've learned a lot from them, and think they'll be very valuable to others."

Featured in the Media

As leaders in penetration testing, we're often featured as cybersecurity experts by top media outlets. Below are just a few of these articles, prominently featuring our pentesting security research. Interested in hearing more about us? Contact us directly!

TODAY—Flaw in Amazon Key Delivery Could Leave Your Home Vulnerable to Thieves

Amazon Key, a new Amazon service, enables their delivery person to unlock your door and deliver your packages inside your house. Researchers have found a flaw in this new service that could leave your home vulnerable to thieves…

WIRED—Hackers Can Stealthily Avoid Traps Set in AWS to Defend the Cloud

A honeytoken is a sort of digital trip wire that is intended to sound the alarm on an attacker. Researchers at Rhino Security labs have found that attackers can identify, and therefore avoid, many honeytokens planted in the AWS cloud…

KREBS—Security Firm Exposes LinkedIn Email Vulnerabilities

LinkedIn is built on the idea that “it’s all about who you know”—but researchers at Rhino Security Labs have found that its sign up functionality, which integrates your new account into other web-mail services, has vulnerabilities that could expose your email address…

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