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Exploiting ShoreTel Communicator through Situational Awareness

Dwight Hohnstein
April 10, 2018

Recently, the Rhino Security Labs team was tasked with an internal network assessment for an environment which ran a predominantly Windows environment. There are some bells that go off immediately in an assessor’s mind when within a…

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Security for SaaS Companies:
Leveraging Infosec for Business Value

Amazon’s AWS Misconfiguration:
Arbitrary Files Upload in Amazon Go

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AWS Essentials: Top 5 Tests for Penetration Testing AWS

Benjamin Caudill
March 27, 2018

In recent weeks, there have been a number of AWS (Amazon Web Services) breaches revealing several different types of vulnerabilities including leaky S3 buckets, misconfigurations and compromised AWS environments. Techniques for assessing…

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