Rhino Security Labs

Research and Vulnerability Disclosures

Security research and development is key to quality penetration testing, and the core of our identity. With our pentesting services targeted at sophisticated attack capabilities, we're constantly pushing to identify new flaws in customer infrastructure and applications. From AWS security research and reversing web applications to adding to our suite of proprietary attack tools, we're relentless in pushing the envelope. By developing these unique capabilities, we do more than just grow the sophistication of our services - we support the security community as a whole.

Tool Development and Research

AWS Security Research

To identify and demonstrate the risks in AWS cloud hosting, Rhino Security Labs developed a series of tools for blackbox testing of AWS environments.

Tools and techniques for targeting S3 buckets are demonstrated in this article.

Cloud Security Bypass Tools

With clients often leveraging cloud security tools, our research has included these platforms.

This cloud security bypass tool ("CFire") identifies misconfigurations in Cloudflare, allowing attackers to target the server directly.

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