Rhino Security Labs

Secure Code Review Services

Find Security Flaws in Source Code

Every programming language has its unique properties. Python is designed for readability, Java is “write-one-run-everywhere”, and C applications must handle their own memory management. Similarly, each language has security quirks which must be considered during a thorough source code audit.

Rhino Security Labs has application security experts well-versed in a wide range of languages, from basic Assembly and C code up to high-level scripting languages. A review with language-specific security expertise can mean the difference between identifying critical flaws and having a major data breach.

Identify Flaws Earlier in the Development Lifecycle

Penetration testing on production applications provides invaluable awareness of current vulnerabilities and potential damage if exploited. However it does have a reactive nature to it – testing after applications go public means identified vulnerabilities could have already been exploited. Secure code reviews identifies bugs before they get pushed to production apps – and found by attackers.

Targeted Audits for Your Most Important Software

Using a hybrid approach, Rhino Security Labs consultants utilize best-in-class code review tools to scan full codebase and deep manual examination for areas of critical importance.

These select functions, such as user authentication and client-supplied parameters, contain the majority of security flaws– so that’s where we perform the deep dive.

Rhino Security Labs offers both stand-alone source audits and integrated code review as an ongoing part of a client’s development process. When incorporated into the regular SDLC, our application experts become a seamless part of your development team, ensuring each code push has been thoroughly reviewed by qualified security authorities.

Our Methodology
Rhino Security Labs has the people, processes, and technology to go beyond simple vulnerability scans and provide deep-dive security analysis. This approach allows for both flexibility for each client’s scope and technology, and a step-by-step format for repeatable, structured assessments.

Our People
Rhino Security Labs employs industry leading security experts, many of whom are active researchers, authors, and tool developers. With passionate, highly credentialed consultants, our team works hard to stay at the forefront of the security industry – dedication that’s shown in our training and research.

Our Process
Rhino Security Labs uses the rigorous Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) methodology for all penetration testing engagements. This well-defined process ensures consistent, repeatable assessments while engaging each client’s unique technologies and industry threats.

Our Technologies
We have conducted application audits and security assessments across a range of environments and technologies. Examples include web and mobile apps, virtualized environments, cloud and hybrid architectures, SCADA, and Internet-of-Things (IoT).