Rhino Security Labs


With decades of collective cybersecurity experience, the leadership at Rhino Security Labs is a cooperative of the best security minds in the industry. Leadership isn’t about acknowledging individual accomplishments. It’s about recognizing the diverse skillsets of the group and devising a strategy to harness those talents towards the same goal.

Meet the leadership team behind the penetration testing services and research:

Benjamin Caudill

Benjamin Caudill | Founder and CEO

Mr. Benjamin Caudill is an adept cybersecurity professional, researcher, and entrepreneur. A veteran of the defense and aerospace industry, Mr. Caudill led investigations into advanced cyberattacks, coordinating with federal intelligence communities on complex engagements.

Leveraging this incident response background, Mr. Caudill became a senior red team member in the financial industry, uncovering vulnerabilities in key banking applications and infrastructure.

A seasoned security researcher, Mr. Caudill has lead dozens of development and exploitation projects, furthering the state of offensive research in the industry. His publications and tools - such as Proxyham - have been featured on CNN, Wired, Washington Post, and other major outlets.

As Founder and CEO of Rhino Security Labs, Mr. Caudill has built the boutique security firm and turned it into a major player in the penetration testing market. In addition to his executive role, Mr. Caudill oversees company research and development, ensuring the continued development of key offensive technologies.

An accomplished public speaker, Mr. Caudill has spoken on cybersecurity and exploitation technologies at conferences around the world.

Hector Monsegur

Hector Monsegur | Chief Researcher

An internationally recognized expert on global cybersecurity issues, Mr. Monsegur is a proven offensive security researcher and industry leader. With regular appearances on CBS, Wired and other major outlets, Mr. Monsegur is a leading voice on cyberattacks and cyberwarfare.

As Chief Researcher, Mr. Monsegur brings a unique perspective from decades of offensive experience and a desire to make an impact in client security. In his role as a security researcher, he has identified countless zeroday vulnerabilities and contributed to dozens of tools and exploits.

Formerly known by his online alias “Sabu”, Mr. Monsegur was once the technical expert behind the Anonymous/LulzSec hacker collectives. As a blackhat, Mr. Monsegur highlighted critical vulnerabilities in numerous organizations, including governments, military organizations, and cybersecurity firms.

In working with the US Government, Mr. Monsegur identified key vulnerabilities - and potential attacks - against major federal infrastructure, including the US military and NASA. Since working with US government and commercial security executives around the world, he has helped prevent upwards of 300 cyberattacks.

Continuing his security and vulnerability research at Rhino Security Labs, Mr. Monsegur works to secure clients in technology, healthcare, finance, government, and other industries. In his leadership role, his unmatched technical experience is shared to both educate other operators and guide technical research.

Mr. Monsegur is a leading speaker for security organizations and conferences around the world, including the keynote for the upcoming ISACA CSX conference. He's a consultant for a book based on his life, expected in 2019.