Rhino Security Labs


With decades of collective cybersecurity experience, the leadership at Rhino Security Labs is a cooperative of the best security minds in the industry. Leadership isn’t about acknowledging individual accomplishments. It’s about recognizing the diverse skillsets of the group and devising a strategy to harness those talents towards the same goal.

Meet the leadership team behind the penetration testing services and research:

Benjamin Caudill

Benjamin Caudill | Founder and CEO

Benjamin is an adept cybersecurity professional, researcher, and entrepreneur. A veteran of the defense and aerospace industry, Benjamin led investigations into advanced cyberattacks, coordinating with federal intelligence communities on complex engagements.

Leveraging this incident response background, Benjamin became a senior red team member in the financial industry, uncovering vulnerabilities in key banking applications and infrastructure.

A seasoned security researcher, Benjamin has lead dozens of development and exploitation projects, furthering the state of offensive research in the industry. His publications and tools - such as Proxyham - have been featured on CNN, Wired, Washington Post, and other major outlets.

As Founder and CEO of Rhino Security Labs, Benjamin has built the boutique security firm and turned it into a major player in the penetration testing market. In addition to his executive role, Benjamin oversees company research and development, ensuring the continued development of key offensive technologies.

An accomplished public speaker, Benjamin has spoken on cybersecurity and exploitation technologies at conferences around the world.

Tory Fisher | Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Tory’s leadership plays a critical role in managing day-to-day operations at Rhino Security Labs. Her dedication to our clients and team members has ensured strong and happy partnerships.

Prior to Rhino, she obtained her MBA from Loyola University and brings experience in a diverse range of industries. Her exposure into industries such as cybersecurity, aviation, family business consulting and medical research has equipped her to handle almost any business challenge.

Though her experience is diverse, it has always had a technology component that she has become passionate about throughout her career. She has developed curriculum and held executive trainings on cybersecurity best practices, led full-scale CRM migrations and implementations, as well as managed information technology operations.

Her passion for technology, people, project management, innovation, and team collaboration makes her a unique and valued asset to Rhino Security Labs.

Dave Yesland | Lead Pentester

Dave Yesland is an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Certified Burp Suite Practitioner (CBSP), and holds a degree in Cyber Security with a concentration in software security.

Dave is a longstanding member of the Rhino Pentest team and is deeply experienced in all of Rhino’s service offerings.

Dave is credited with a number of public CVE disclosures and got his start participating in bug bounties with numerous findings across a range of companies including the U.S. Department of Defense.