Rhino Security Labs


Fanatical Builders and Breakers

By providing these cultural principles for what every Rhino should expect– and what is expected of them – we offer transparency to applicants and consistency to employees.  We apply these Rhino Principles at all levels and across all departments, ensuring we hire, promote, and retain the best people.

Rhinos hold a bias for action, failing fast and prototyping new approaches when needed.
They experiment, take calculated risks, and understand that complete today is better than perfect tomorrow.  Rhinos recognize the key factors to problems when information is incomplete.

Rhinos take ownership of problems.  They seize the initiative on new challenges and opportunities.
They think big, long-term, and in the best interests of the entire company – not just their immediate team.
Rhinos never let a difficulty go unattended, and no task is beneath them.

Rhinos question others – and themselves – to find better solutions, and act without reluctance. Debate is not only an opportunity for refinement, but an obligation of skeptics.
Everyone has a voice, and is expected to use it.  Once a decision has been established, they commit and move forward.

Rhinos are always learning and pushing themselves – as well as teaching others.
They relentlessly seek a deeper and broader understanding of their field, sharpening their tools for future problems.  Education is a way of life.

Rhinos constantly push the envelope, holding themselves and others to the highest expectations.
They dive deep into problems, target root-causes, and find the best solution.
Despite setbacks and conflicting priorities, Rhinos never settle.

New problems require new ways of thinking.  Rhinos approach needs, tasks, and ideas from a new perspective.
Rhinos hold no loyalty to previous methods or approaches – even those developed internally.

Rhinos prioritize efficiency and pragmatism over flash.
They are careful managers of time and money, putting their resources to best use.   Nothing is so cheap as to be wasted.

Rhinos are reliable, successfully executing the tasks they’re responsible for.
They understand a team is only is as strong as its weakest member and go the extra mile to make the whole group stronger, even it means unexpected sacrifice.