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Healthcare Industry

Security Beyond HIPAA Compliance

The growing dependence on technology has brought a similar upsurge in cyberattacks, particularly in the healthcare industry. Even small clinics can store PHI (Personal Health Information) for thousands of patients – valuable commodities on the underground market.

To make matters worse, the traditional culture of many healthcare facilities often leaves IT behind the times – and vulnerable to attack. With multiple attack vectors it can be difficult to quantify the threats to your unique environment. Rhino Security Labs provides expertise in these niche areas and focuses on helping healthcare organizations meet HIPAA compliance requirements.

The medical industry is one of the most widely regulated industries due to the quantity and sensitivity of medical information in healthcare companies. The primary regulation for these organizations is HIPAA, which mandates all organizations holding PHI to adhere to a standardized set of controls – a compliance mandate which can be a burden for even the most prepared.

Healthcare Challenges

Limited tech budgets and slow-moving culture are both are common challenges in healthcare. These can often be addressed with management by identifying the costs incurred by hacked medical companies – such as Anthem and Premera.

Potential Impacts:

  • HIPAA Compliance/HITECH Penalties
  • Breach Lawsuit/Legal Fees
  • Operational Downtime/Medical Impact
  • Negative Press/Public Relations

Penetration Testing Services - Identify Risks & Uncover Vulnerabilities

Determine the gaps in your security programs with a deep-dive penetration test from Rhino Security Labs. From network pentests to social engineering assessments, Rhino can help you identify the risks to your organization.

Penetration Testing

Our world-class penetration testing and research has been covered in Wired, Forbes, CNN and other outlets, showcasing our comprehensive assessment package. Identify the strengths – and weaknesses – of your security infrastructure before attackers do.

Social Engineering Assessment

While security assessments are typically restricted to technology, most sophisticated attacks begin with a malicious email or link. Identify the weaknesses in the security policies of your organization, and how your employees handle them.

Application Assessment

Each assessments starts with the OWASP Top 10 most common risks, also includes more advanced vulnerabilities to ensure all attack vectors have been identified. Whether web, mobile, or IoT, we have the experience to address the unique security challenges you face.

Secure Code Review

Identify and remediate software vulnerabilities early and often. With a hybrid approach, we utilize both automated code scanners and manual analysis to conduct a thorough security review of your application – and all associated librarie

Identify risks to electronic patient health information (ePHI) and other sensitive data. A manual penetration testing can uncover vulnerabilities that may pose a threat to your network and patient’s data.