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Rhino Security Labs is a boutique penetration testing company with focus on network, cloud, and web/mobile application penetration testing services.

A deep-dive security testing provider, we uncover vulnerabilities which put your organization at risk, and provide guidance to mitigate them.  We bring together the security research, proprietary technologies, and industry-leading security engineers to create the best penetration testing firm in the industry.  So whether your focus is the external network, complex web applications, in the AWS cloud, or social engineering testing, we have the specialists to fit your unique needs.

Our clients are security conscious companies in a wide range of industries and needs, from high-tech startups to the Fortune 1000.  Starting by understanding the underlying drivers, we ensure each pentest meets the client’s objectives. From SOC2 and vendor requirements to security code review before a launch, we map each assessment to the needs of the business.
This support doesn’t end at the penetration test report either – as your dedicated security partner, we’re always available for advisory support.

A client and public endorsement, we worked closely with Mark Cuban and his team at Dust, a privacy-focused messaging application.  Looking to ensure the safety of their users, Mark chose Rhino Security Labs for their mobile app security testing.

I like working with [Rhino Security Labs]. They look to help rather than exploit. We have learned from them and I think their experience will be valuable to other app publishers and networks as well.

Mark Cuban Shark Tank

An award-winning pentest provider, Rhino Security Labs has the unique industry experience to support multiple verticals.  With insight into a range of technologies, we regularly engage with companies in healthcare, financial services, hardware and software development, retail, and more.  Bringing this real-world experience to your assessment, we can dive deeper and identify subtle vulnerabilities previous pentest companies have missed.


As a top penetration testing company, Rhino Security Labs is the security partner to many technology firms. Whether a SaaS service, eCommerce application, embedded system, or IoT device, we have the custom testing you need.


We understand the needs of healthcare firms, from specialty medical device manufactures to national hospitals. Whether a HIPAA penetration test or just ensuring patient safety, we offer the security assurance to keep you focused on the business.

Financial Services

A regular cybersecurity target, finance companies need the best security providers on their side. Whether a local credit union, insurance provider, or top banking institution, our assessment services help secure critical networks and applications.


Breaches by retail giants are pushing the whole industry forward and looking beyond compliance standards. We help retail partners look beyond a simple PCI penetration test and find the vulnerabilities that cause credit card breaches.

People and Leadership

Passionate and forward-thinking, our assessment team brings decades of technical experience as top-tier penetration testers, application security experts, reverse engineers, and researchers.

Drawing from experience in major cybersecurity firms, leading technology companies, and Fortune 100 organizations, we pride ourselves on both depth and breadth of offensive security capabilities.

Our Leadership
Red Team Engagements

Research and Technical Depth

Relentlessly pursuing new ideas, we’re constantly researching, building, and breaking.  Every pentester is also involved in research, keeping up-to-date with the latest developments.

With dozens of zeroday vulnerability disclosures and a cache of internally-developed scripts, we don’t just use the tools – we build them.

Our Research

Refined, Professional Reporting

While often overlooked, we take pride in our documentation and penetration test reports.

Designed to the needs of executive leadership and technical engineers alike, our reports effectively outline both risk summary and vulnerability details.

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