Web Application Penetration Testing

Application Penetration Testing – Protecting The Gateway to Data

With their growing complexity and demand, web applications have become the target of choice for hackers. Rhino Security Labs’ Web Application Penetration Testing services help protect your enterprise web services from a range of security threats.

With backgrounds in military, banking, defense, healthcare, and technology, our consultants are some of the foremost authorities on application security. These experts ensure the security of existing applications in the enterprise, as well as assisting the security process in all phases of the development lifecycle.


Webservers are no longer just for marketing. Often the interface to an entire suite of technologies, web applications can tie into critical databases, vulnerable libraries and plugins, XML and LDAP capabilities, underlying operating systems and client web browsers. It’s never “just a website” anymore, making them even more difficult to protect.

Web Services

Rhino Security Labs offers web service testing, manipulating and fuzzing parameters found in the WSDL. These configuration files provide an structure for SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) requests which the web service accepts – and responds to.

Similar to traditional application models, web services often contain many vulnerabilities in the OWASP Top 10, including SQL and XML injection.

Secure Code Review

During a source code security review, our industry-leading experts manually analyze your application source code for security flaws. Using both best-in-class commercial tools and customized utilities, we ensure all vulnerabilities have been thoroughly vetted and checked for false positives.

Whether for compliance requirements or best practices, source code reviews offers a fresh pair of eyes to your most important applications.

Web Application Penetration Testing - Identify Your Appsec Security Risks

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Rhino Security Labs has the people, processes, and technology to go beyond simple vulnerability scans and provide deep-dive security analysis. This approach allow for both flexibility for each client’s scope and technology, and a step-by-step format for repeatable, structured assessments.

Rhino Security Labs employs industry leading security experts, many of whom are active researchers, authors, and tool developers. With passionate, highly credentialed consultants, our team works hard to stay at the forefront of the security industry – dedication that’s shown in our training and research.

Rhino Security Labs uses the rigorous Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) methodology for all penetration testing engagements. This well-defined process ensures consistent, repeatable assessments while engaging each client’s unique technologies and industry threats.

We have conducted penetration tests across a range of environments and technologies, including web and mobile apps, virtualized environments, cloud and hybrid architectures, SCADA, and Internet-of-Things (IoT).