Rhino Security Labs

Web Application Penetration Testing Report

The evolution of highly dynamic, interactive web applications has changed the way we interact with the web – and brought additional security risks with it. Additional user input, connected databases, and rapidly deployed code bring new attack vectors into existence – from simple injection flaws to complex, multi-staged attacks.

Rhino Security Labs’ Web Application Report demonstrates attempts to exploit discovered vulnerabilities in a given applications, highlighting the underlying flaws. Given the web-specific threats outlined in the report and the importance of web technologies today, web applications are always a crucial security concern.

Included in every web app pentest report is an overview of our assessment methodology. Structured and repeatable, this process details each stage of the engagement and how they fit together for greatest impact. This methodology follows the structure:

  1. Reconnaissance
  2. Enumeration & Vulnerability Scanning
  3. Attack and Penetration
  4. Post-Exploitation
  5. Reporting and Documentation
  6. Remediation Testing (Optional)

By documenting each web vulnerability with a thorough description, affected web page, remediation steps, and testing process, we can ensure security engineers have all the necessary information to fix the issue.

Every Web Application Penetration Test Report includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Overall Risk Ranking
  • Summary of Security Strengths/Weaknesses
  • Attack Narrative
  • Attack Process and Methodology
  • Detailed Findings and Vulnerabilities
  • Strategic Recommendations

Not all security weaknesses are technical, nor can they all be remediated by security personnel. Companies often have to focus on the root security issues and resolve them at their core. Rhino Security Lab’s strategic recommendations include steps to change the operational policy of the organization.

Reports only give half of the details. A debrief meeting, organized with all engagement participants to discuss the engagement and answer any questions or clarify any points is necessary to understand the details in any penetration testing report fully.