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Mobile App Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing Around Mobile Apps

Both business and public organizations today are using mobile apps in new and compelling ways, from banking applications to healthcare platforms. Managing security risk is a growing challenge on these platforms, with new vulnerabilities found every day. Is your mobile app safe from attackers?

Rhino Security Labs offers top-tier mobile app penetration testing services, providing a holistic risk assessment to your mobile application. With industry-leading researchers and security engineers in both iPhone and Android, we provide deep dive testing into local, on-device security issues, back-end web services, and the API’s which connect them.

Support for Multiple Mobile Platforms
With deep experience in both iOS and Android penetration testing, we understand the unique security challenges and vulnerabilities with each mobile architecture. This expertise allows us to customize assessments to specific concerns, such as reverse-engineering an iOS app.

Static and Dynamic App Analysis
Using a hybrid analysis approach, our security experts review apps both at-rest and during runtime to assess all vulnerabilities with in the code, its libraries, and underlying infrastructure. While optional, a whitebox strategy to application testing improves depth and effectiveness of the testing.

Standard and “Jailbroken” Device Testing
Our mobile security assessments take multiple attack vectors and threats into account, including Jailbroken devices. Apps residing on in-house mobile devices? We provide test scenarios to mimic enterprise conditions as well.

Comprehensive Security Assessment
Rhino Security follows a thorough methodology for analyzing the security of mobile apps. This roadmap ensures all attack vectors are properly vetted, including the OWASP Mobile Top 10.