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The Newest Rhino: Bringing on Hector Monsegur

Meet Our Newest Member

As outlined in a recent Wired article, Rhino Security Labs is proud to announce our new Assessment and Research Team lead, Hector Monsegur.  An extraordinary security researcher, Hector (once known by the Anonymous pseudonym ‘Sabu’) brings his unrivaled experience to improve the security of our clients.  A contractor for the last year, Hector was integrated as a key member of the team over the summer.

Over the last few months at Rhino Security Labs, Hector has focused on the most technically challenging security engagements, developing zeroday vulnerabilities and other innovative solutions unique to Rhino Security.  Much of this research is already in progress, with multiple disclosures expected through the end of the year.

Customer engagements have advanced as well.  Having worked on a dozen major projects, the response from customers has been outstanding.  In many cases, Hector and the assessment team identified critical flaws previously reviewed – and missed – by other security firms.

There is an ongoing discussion in the cybersecurity community regarding the role of former blackhats, such as Hector, in whitehat security firms.  At Rhino Security Labs, we believe a diverse mix of the best minds can bring the best security of our clients.

In every client engagement, Rhino implements complete keystroke auditing and minimum access required for every penetration tester. This additional level of documentation provides better assessment reports, but also ensures confidence in the actions of our employees on every project.

This announcement is part of an overall strategy at Rhino Security Labs that includes new zeroday vulnerabilities, the expansion of our staff, and new service offerings. Rhino looks forward to working with our existing and new customers to help them secure their critical infrastructure.

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