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CVE-2019-0227: Expired Domain to Remote Code Execution in Apache Axis

David Yesland
April 9, 2019

Apache Axis™ is a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) engine. During a recent red team engagement we came across an install of an old version of Apache Axis, version 1.4. There are now newer versions such as Apache Axis2, Apache CXF, and…

NVIDIA Arbitrary File Writes to Command Execution

Exploiting CVE-2018-1335:
Command Injection in Apache Tika

Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
Bucket Enumeration and Privilege Escalation

Spencer Gietzen

For those unfamiliar, GCP is a cloud platform that offers a variety of cloud-computing solutions for businesses of any size to take advantage of. Most people would put it up in the “big 3” cloud providers that are available,…